11 Women Share Their First Orgasm Experience - womens description of their orgasm


womens description of their orgasm - female orgasm - what does an orgasm feel like

Jul 02,  · What Does The Female Orgasm Feel Like? 5 Women Describe What's Going On When They Climax, Because Sometimes You Just Don't KnowAuthor: Emma Mcgowan. Nov 21,  · "Like their male counterparts, women can experience pelvic heaviness and aching if they do not reach orgasm," says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist and author of Author: Nicole Beland.

Mar 15,  · Orgasms can be complicated to describe if you've never had one. Sometimes women don't know what to look for or anticipate if they haven't experienced an orgasm. Here, 28 Author: Taylor Andrews. Nov 03,  · The first time you had an orgasm story is probably far better than the first time you had sex story. And TBH, they hardly ever overlap. In fact, it's quite possible your first orgasm wasn't with Author: Liz Newman.

Mar 11,  · The female orgasm is the holy grail of sexual experience. it would be like they would feel eating the best slice of pizza they have ever had while getting the best blow job of their lives." -- Author: Jeremy Glass, Brenda Della Casa. Feb 23,  · 15 Women on How They Had Their Best Orgasm Ever "I saw purple sparkles, then nothing, and then I swear to god I went deaf for a second." Occupation: Sex & Relationships Editor.