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Aug 08,  · i think 6 inches is a good thickness my hubby is 7 inches thick [ around when hard] and long as well, and sometimes its more than i can handle sometimes. i seen and had a few b/f who were longer but all were very thin in the girth dept, and just pocked my insides felt like sort of a . Aug 22,  · I did become aware she like's thick dicks when we would watch some porn and it was quite apparent she was very impressed with the "fat" cocks. After I eventually found out about her ex having a thick dick I lost some interest in having sex with her because I knew he had put a thick (and longer) dick on her and she loves thick dicks.

Jul 08,  · I completely agree that your cock is thick at 7:tongue: ; 7 inch thick cocks are on the threshold of inflicting pain in some situations! I am also of the opinion that any cock is thick if it gets more complaints and or plaudits about its thickness than about its length (assuming of course that its length is at least 6 inches)! A lot of guys have asked us how to make your dick thicker and while the normal response I’d give to any one wanting to make their penis bigger is to go and get the SizeGenetics system, there is an option that is specifically for girth. Below you’ll find out how to make your dick thicker, so keep reading.

Apr 21,  · What Are the Advantages of a Thick Penis. Much is said about penis size, but the taboos of our society make it difficult to talk about. Some men desire a thick penis and look to the /5(42). Jan 24,  · I’m a dude and pretty thick. The first time I had sex with my current girlfriend we had to stop continually because it hurt her. This was fine. We had already been dating a bit and she had some pretty strong feelings by then. She ended up crying a.