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Dec 16,  · Hi. My names Lilly. I’m 16, have light brown hair with blonde highlights down to my upper back. I have sweet lips, glasses, and a nice cute face. I have a tight ass and nice little tits. This is the story of the time I fucked 2 dogs. Both are mine. Their names are Alex Continue reading Sixteen year old fucked by 2 dogs71%. The first part of a long, multi character series. On my mission, I am forced to fuck a gorgeous woman. Lots of quality family time and we add my sister's friend. I take my mom and sister while teasing my dad. and other exciting erotic at!

Jun 18,  · True Sex Story: Article written for mainly for women, about canine sex Many men say my stories are different. This is probably because most of the others are written by men. The feelings I describe are from a female perspective, not a male point of view. Ask any man to write an erotic story about rape and it will be erotic in content, the same story of accounts written by a female will be a /10(). Fiction, Blowjob, Incest, Teen Male/Teen Female, Written by women Seducing the Kid Sister Part 1 by Mafia Bitch Rated %, Read times, Posted Fri 11th of May Fantasy, Incest, Lesbian, Teen Female Solo, Written by women, Young Becoming The .

Whether it was their hookup trying to lick their armpits or trying to impersonate Willy Wonka, these women's craziest sex stories will make you feel infinitely better about your own mishaps in the Author: Kristen Droesch. How 18 year-old Ben became an incest addict. What happened between Paula and Ben in South of Nowhere. A day well spent with mom. The stars align for a mature woman and her young friend. At Diane's condo. A young man moves in and falls for the widow next door. and other exciting erotic at!