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Teen Angst or Dangerous Anger? 6 Signs. Erratic teenage behavior is an age-old concern for parents. But in the wake of violent events such as Colorado's Columbine High School massacre and the recent mass shooting at Virginia Tech -- even though such incidents are extremely rare -- many adults find themselves taking their kids' moods academiy-malig.info: Rob Baedeker. Help for Parents of Troubled Teens Troubled teen warning signs. As teenagers begin to assert their independence Understanding teen development. No, your teen is not an alien being from a distant planet, Anger and violence in teenagers. Everyone has a right to feel physically safe. Tip 1.

Aug 14,  · Whether your teen throws his smartphone against the wall when he's frustrated an app won't work, or he yells and swears when he doesn't get his way, teens who can't manage their anger are bound to have serious problems. In small doses, anger is an appropriate, normal, and healthy emotion. Everyone experiences anger. It helps us stand up for ourselves when we’ve been wronged, and protect our own needs. However, in many circumstances, anger can have unwanted consequences. Using the worksheet ​When is Anger a Problem.

Teens with anger management disorders might also: Become easily frustrated. Escalate from calm to furious in just a moment’s time. Throw temper tantrums. Face disciplinary action at Author: Jamison Monroe. The Brain of an Angry Teen. First and foremost, it’s important to realize that even though adolescents might engage in adult-like behaviors or try to act like adults, they do not have the brains of adults. The brains of adolescents are still developing, and they continue to do so into their early to mid-twenties.