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May 19,  · Fear of Intimacy: The fear of intimacy is often, though not always, rooted in a fear of abandonment or its twin, the fear of engulfment. Those who fear intimacy are not necessarily afraid of the sex act itself but are afraid of the emotional closeness that it may bring. Paraphobia: The fear of sexual perversion is itself a complicated phobia. May 15,  · 5 things men absolutely dread about sex; 5 Things men fear about sex (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images) “Men always relate sex and sexuality with their egos and they never want to Author: TNN.

Sep 19,  · How to Overcome a Fear of Sex. A sexual encounter is loaded with potential for positive and negative results. Inexperience, lack of knowledge, or a history of sexually related difficulties may be escalating your fear of engaging in sexual 82%(15). Sep 26,  · 1. Rejection. Fear of rejection is not specific to men, of course, but let’s face it, men are more frequently the initiators when it comes to dating, marriage proposals, and sex, and we.

Apr 12,  · Fear of sex, or genophobia, is a phobia with many potential causes ranging from physical conditions (vaginismus or erectile dysfunction) to traumatic past events. Sometimes the Author: Jaime R. Herndon. Men may become genophobic if they suffer from erectile dysfunction. Others who grapple with gender dysphoria can also develop a fear of sex. Other fears. Some sufferers of genophobia may develop the fear as a result of preexisting fears. Some people may have nosophobia: the .