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If you experience any symptoms of latex condom allergies, it is important to see your physician for alternatives in birth control methods, and to ensure that you understand the risk of exposure to an item that you are allergic to. An allergy to latex condoms can seem like a big problem, but there are alternatives to latex condoms. Jul 16,  · Oh, and, you know, the most common type of condom. Latex condom allergies (and latex allergies in general) exist on a spectrum, according to the Mayo Clinic. If you're mildly allergic to latex Author: Korin Miller.

Mar 30,  · There are different levels of latex mildest version shows up in the vagina or on the penis as itching, red skin and hives, or a rash. More Author: Emma Kaywin. Although it’s possible to be allergic to any type of condom, latex is the most common culprit. Between 1 and 6 percent of Americans are allergic (or sensitive to) latex, Author: Corinne O’Keefe Osborn.

Aug 28,  · When Your Condom Itches Condom Allergy Condom Allergy, When Your Condom Itches Condoms are one of the widely used and effective means of contraception and STD academiy-malig.infos are made out of latex or plastic and usually covered with spermicides for a more effective contraceptive activity. Allergic reaction to latex condoms treatment Allergic reactions to latex can range from skin redness and itching to more serious symptoms, such as hives or gastrointestinal problems. True allergic reactions to latex rarely progress to the life-threatening conditions such as low blood pressure, difficulty breathing or rapid heart Bill Haney.