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The Case of the Perfect Paddle is a valuable lesson in remembering that DD, when practiced between two living, breathing people, is about reality, not fantasy. And it's an even better reminder that DD is a living, fluid thing, and that there are dangers in clinging too much to how we imagine it ought to go. Dec 28,  · You are not doing her any favors be going easy on her. Grab the paddle, pick the heavy one, the one with maximum impact. Make her bend over in a manner that gets her tailbone out of the way (we may paddle hard, but we never injure). Pick the minimum amount of licks required to .

I hope you get it from someone other than yourself with that ass, you need to be buckin', beggin' and bawlin', in no particular order. A paddling that gets you dancing in real pain. The entire process of spanking an older teen girl. Any spot on her bottom that is not glowing red is just a missed opportunity for learning. From the top of her butt crack to the top of her thighs, as well as from her left hip to her right, she should feel the pulsating sting from every smack.

How to spank a female By Mistress Penny. Whether it is for punishment, maintenance, and pre-emption or just because you feel like it. A spanking needs to be done in a structured way. Spanking should never be done in haste or anger and without consideration of the effects. Where to spank? The bottom was clearly made for spanking. So it was going to be bare bottom from the start and to make it worse, my dream had the dreaded black paddle being used. I put on the supporter, got the paddle and told Bacall that I needed to bend over the dining room chair and be paddled. From the crack of the first lick, we both knew that something was different. It burned like never before.