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Manjakani For Vaginal Tightening. The nutgalls, also called nut galls, gallnuts, oak galls or oakgalls are produced when leaves of the oak tree are penetrated by gall wasps. The resulting chemical reaction stimulates the leaves to produce a round hard ball called an oak gall. The galls are locally known as manjakani in Malaysia, or Majuphal in India. Oak Gall for Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation Oak Gall (Quercus Infectoria) or Manjakani is a gall on oak tree. The plant itself natives to Eastern and Asia, and the gall that has been infested by gall wasps of the family Cynipidae containing some phytochemical substances for many health benefits including to female organs.

Manjakani Oak Gall Ancient Secret for Vaginal Tightening A stinging wasp lands on an oak tree and penetrates its leaves. The oak tree reacts with a spontaneous chemical reaction and creates a roundish hard ball known as an Oak gall or Manjakani. A good source for the health and hygiene of one of the body’s most sensitive parts is Manjakani, also known as Quercus infectoria (oak gall) extract. Manjakani not only eases vaginal pain by increasing your ability to naturally self-lubricate, but also helps enhancing blood flow to your vaginal area, resulting in a tightening sensation.

Manjakani or Oak gall rejuvenates the vaginal muscular cells with a rich blend of nutrients - Tannins, Tannic, Gallic acids, Vitamin A These are the crucial food supplements and C, Calcium, Iron, Protein and Carbohydrate to sustain the vaginal muscular cells and tissues for renewal and self-repairing routine. Asians have long consumed Manjakani for constricting the vagina muscles after childbirth. Mar 05,  · Oak gall has an astringent effect and helps to constrict vagina and anus, relieves from heavy vaginal discharge, etc. The tannins present in oak galls are responsible for tightening of the vagina. Herbal Remedy. Pills and lotions of Oak Gall are available in the market. You can also make your own home remedy.