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fat above the vagina - Yes It's True, You Can Lose Weight On Your Vagina

It stands for Fat Upper Pubic Area or Fat Upper Private Area, or if you’re really raunchy, it stands for Fat Upper P****y Area. For women, it’s that area directly above your vagina but not quite your academiy-malig.info: Derrick Lane. Jan 06,  · There is no way to lose only vagina fat. The major misconception about cardio is that running is not the sole way to achieve it. Walking, biking, jogging, kayaking, rollerblading, swimming and canoeing are all different ways to achieve your cardio without having to spend hours running /5.

Aug 08,  · When people mention a “fat vagina,” they’re usually referring to the fleshy area above the labia (mons pubis). Unless you go bare, your mons pubis area is typically home to your pubic hair. Its primary purpose is to provide cushioning for you and your sex partner so that you don’t crack your pelvic bone when you’re, Author: Corinne O'keefe Osborn. Apr 24,  · The fat removed with liposuction does not weigh much (typically only 1 - 2 pounds). The fat that is removed with plastic surgery is close to the surface of the body near the skin (superficial to the abdominal/pubic muscles). The fat deep to the abdominal/pubic muscles cannot be .

Yes it’s true, you can lose weight on your vagina! Let’s be honest, losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle is the best feeling in the world. But we’ve found a close second. Being able to see your lady parts and noticing they’ve lost weight too! Jun 21,  · The mons pubis, also known as the pubic area or mons, is the fatty tissue located above the pubic academiy-malig.info fat in this area can reach a size that makes some women self-conscious and uncomfortable while wearing tight-fitting clothing such as leggings, skinny jeans, swimsuits, underwear, and tight dresses.