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Nov 20,  · Breast asymmetry is a common characteristic for women, and is often no cause for concern. However, if the size of your breasts change or the Author: Kiara Anthony. Jul 14,  · Generally, breast cancer is only a concern with asymmetrical breasts if you've always had even breasts, but notice they've started to become uneven in your adulthood. So if your boobs Author: Elizabeth Enochs.

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Breast asymmetry or uneven breasts affects almost half of the female population. This condition is far from serious and can normally occur due to several reasons. Breastfeeding mothers tend to have uneven breasts after failing to utilize both breasts equally, and also because sometimes the baby prefers one side over the other. Lopsided and uneven breasts can do significant damage to the self esteem of women, but the fact is just about every woman has one breast slightly smaller or larger than the other. Currently over 45% of women have one breast that is a half cup or larger than the other breast.