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Sep 07,  · That is, a fluid-filled lump that rolls between the fingers is less likely to be cancer than a hard lump in your breast that is rooted. This is not to say all benign lumps move and all cancerous Author: Debra-Lynn Hook. Oct 14,  · I’m 14 and I found that I had a small, hard lump in my breast. It is not painful but I’m scared because my great grandma had breast cancer she is still alive but any who my period is late and I’m worrying I had this lump for at least 2 weeks. Dana-Farber says: October 13, at am.

Painful Lump in Breast: Pictures, Hard, Sudden, Cancer, Cyst, Remedy Breast is an organ that goes through numerous changes starting from puberty, to monthly menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, and even while undergoing menopause period. Notice: Revised breast cancer screening guidelines issued in November The discovery of a breast lump, whether by chance, a breast self-exam, or during a clinical breast exam, can be stressful for a academiy-malig.infoe a lump can be a symptom of breast cancer, all persistent breast lumps should be evaluated by a physician.

Although any lump formed by body cells may be referred to technically as a tumor. Not all tumors are malignant (cancerous). Most breast lumps – 80% of those biopsied – are benign (non-cancerous). Following are examples of the most common benign breast conditions which produce lumps. Most breast lumps are not cancer. But if you find a lump in your breast, see a doctor as soon as possible. Learn the causes of breast lumps, the types, and what you should do if you find one.