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One in 20 women experiences heavier than normal periods, according to the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care website. Periods typically start in the preteen or teenage years while your daughter is going through puberty, which can make a heavy period especially difficult to . Adolescents and teens may have heavy, irregular periods as they begin to establish their menstrual cycle. These natural fluctuations in the menstrual cycle are often temporary, and usually resolve when monthly menses begin over the next few months to years.

Jun 25,  · Some women have irregular periods for their entire lives, although most women have a cycle that they can count out. The day cycle that is written about in books and followed by doctors is an average, not the rule. A teen's body is influenced by its growth and therefore can start and stop the menstrual cycle while it's growing. get your period regularly, but then it becomes irregular; have periods that are very heavy (you go through more than one pad or tampon an hour) have periods that last longer than about a week; Looking Ahead. Most girls settle into a regular period schedule and .

If your teen experiences heavy menstrual bleeding, which means her period lasts too long or there is too much blood, our specially trained gynecologists can determine if there is a cause for concern. Typically, heavy bleeding involves periods that last for more than seven days, soak through a pad or tampon every one to two hours, or result in a. Sep 06,  · Natural treatments for the heavy periods of perimenopause. Perimenopausal heavy periods are more serious than the temporary heavy periods of the teenage years. Without treatment, perimenopausal periods will become heavier and heavier as menopause approaches. Natural treatments for perimenopausal heavy periods include all of the above treatments:Author: Dr Lara Briden.