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Nov 12,  · Having a tooth pulled in adulthood is sometimes necessary.. Reasons for Pulling Teeth. Although permanent teeth were meant to last a lifetime, there . Mar 25,  · There is more into extracting a tooth than just pulling it out. I suppose you mean a permanent tooth in your question. Extracting a tooth should be left as last resort when all other options of restoring it fail. Such a tooth could be suffering f.

Jul 27,  · Determine the looseness the tooth. If the tooth is not loose at all, you are in for an extremely difficult extraction; it would be best in this situation to call the dentist. If the tooth is loose--especially if it's dangling--you will have a greater chance of pulling it successfully with minimum pain. Sep 13,  · While pulling out children’s baby teeth doesn’t usually pose any health risks, pulling out an adult’s permanent teeth does. You should not attempt to pull out your own tooth. Learn more Author: Tim Jewell.

Jul 03,  · If you’ve ever wondered how hard it would be to pull your own tooth when treating a toothache, you need to understand the possible consequences of at-home tooth extractions and consider: Is pulling your own tooth economically smart or is it dangerous? Can I Pull My Own Tooth?