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Oct 01,  · These noteworthy numbers have spurred research and innovation in higher education. Much attention has been spent on analyzing the challenges facing adult learners and in finding solutions to help serve this growing population. Below are some of the major challenges facing adult learners in postsecondary education: School – Life Balance. In the United States, the nomenclature of adult education includes adult literacy, adult secondary education, and English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) services provided to undereducated and limited English proficient adults.

Research on Adult Learners: Supporting the Needs of a Student Population that Is No Longer Nontraditional. NCES projections of higher education enrollment from – suggest that the number of students over twenty-five will remain stable or . Aug 29,  · Seven Challenges Facing Higher Education. Sixth, the value of a college degree as a device to signal knowledge, intelligence, discipline, ambition, and integrity is fraying, jeopardizing the economic advantages of a university education. The earnings advantage of college graduates relative to high school diploma holders is not rising as previously, Author: CCAP.

May 23,  · The postsecondary learning landscape is changing, and adult learners are starting to be recognized across the world of higher education. In recent media articles, we’ve seen evidence of both the change in learners and in the institutions serving them. Oct 10,  · This study reports on a study that investigates the challenges faced by the adult learners in one of the course in the post graduate's class at Universiti Teknologi Mara. The study was aimed to investigate the challenges faced by the adult students and how do these adult students cope with these by: 3.