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how to give erotic spanking - Erotic Spanking - How to Properly Paddle That Posterior

Nov 02,  · An erotic spanking should be well, erotic. Be sure to incorporate some sensual action into the spanking, especially as you gage your partner's passion for pain. For instance, you could lightly scratch, tickle, or rub the buttocks between spanks, or stroke the anus or genitals while CJ Edwards. Erotic Spanking - How to Properly Paddle That Posterior. For those of you who were brought up in a time or household where switches, belts, and wooden spoons were a common form of punishment, it’s understandable why the idea of spanking would be a total turn off.

May 11,  · Woman Morphs Into Any Living Creature she Touches (Human Chameleon) | Cami Leon Should have said NO - Duration: Z-Fest Film Project , views. Apr 02,  · Keeping Your Erotic Spanking From Prying Eyes. Erotic spanking obviously works well in BDSM scenes, but you can just add it to your rough sex. Check out more rough sex ideas. Whether it’s you or your man who’s bound and on the receiving end of a paddle or a hand, it can lend to powerful feelings of Adriana.

Jan 28,  · Everything you need to know about sexy erotic spanking because you're not the only one who fantasizes about being taken over someone's knee. You Naughty Thing! Author: Yourtango. Nov 21,  · There is erotic spanking, and ouchy spanking. Both can be good in proper context, but know the difference. The inside of the cheek, toward the groin and thigh, is more sexually stimulating. Unless you’re specifically going for pain, this is where you’ll want to give your harder hits.