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May 30,  · Answers. Where as the 16 year old is always slowly gaining more muscle but has only just grew from a child and hasnt yet reached mid 20' MOST 34 year olds are stronger BUT there are 'some' 16 year olds around stronger than 34 year olds it depends on all these Open. Dec 25,  · Just imagine that a child of one day and the mother who has given birth to that child. The mother will naturally be stronger than the child. Same is the case here teenage is the period when we grow from strength to strength and once we are fully grown up adult we become the strongest in .

Nov 07,  · however,children have more functioning immune system compared to adults,because immune cells production in adults is reduced compared to children,so if elderly face a new microbe,they may have a severe disease. Most children have about 10, taste buds but as they grow, some taste buds stop being replaced. Adults often have about 5, working taste buds. This explains why some foods taste much more intense to children, and the decline in number of taste buds makes more foods palatable to adults as some food's intensity isn't tastes as Jennifer Cutler.