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Joyboxx + Playtray by Passionate Playground is the world's only patented, antimicrobial, locking storage box system. Joyboxx Keep your adult toys safe and clean. Joyboxx Kills germs and is dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Charge toys discreetly. Handy for travel, bedroom, bathroom, car. Safe and discreet storage for all of your sex toys is important for many reasons. Sex toy storage boxes keep your sex toys hidden, protected, and clean all of the time. Discreet storage is especially important if you have kids in the house or roommates, and in that case you should buy a storage box .

Mar 03,  · Sex Toy Storage Beyond the Nightstand Products to handle a few special toys or a large collection but it used to provide a large adult toychest (12 inches wide, Hanging the toys in a closet is less convenient than having them in a box or bag that can live closer to the bed, but the Sneaky Sack provides another hidden option for those. Along with regular cleaning, proper sex toy storage is a great way to preserve your toys for the long storage solutions are also perfect for helping you keep your toys private and out of the hands others. As one of the world's best sex toy stores, has all the top-notch vibrator and dildo storage options you need to keep your toys discreet and protected.

Jun 08,  · An adult toy storage box with hygiene in mind. After a messy session in between the sheets, it’s important to give your toys a thorough clean. However, your sex toys will collect dust and dirt in between uses and the last thing you want to do when you’re in the mood is clean them. So, use the UVEE Home Play Toy Cleaner to keep your toys. Jan 28,  · Sex Toy Storage. If you’re like me and have a gazillion different sex toys, gadgets, get-ups, and stuff, you might be interested in the sex toy storage options here. The sex toy industry is completely full of every kinky item you could ever ask for but who is making solutions to store all of these toys? The answer, really is nobody!Author: Miss.