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Updated May 12, Medicaid is the federal-and-state-funded health insurance program for low-income, needy Americans and their families. States jointly fund and run their programs, so Medicaid eligibility varies, depending on where you live. Medicaid eligibility requirements are broadly based on income, disability, pregnancy, age, household size and household Jeanine Skowronski. Aging and Adult Services Child Development and Early Education Health Service Regulation Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services Health Benefits/NC Medicaid Forms Adult Medicaid Policies/Manuals ADULT MEDICAID TABLE OF CONTENTS.

Medicaid Income Eligibility Limits for Adults as a Percent of the Federal Poverty Level. DOWNLOAD A STATE-SPECIFIC FACT SHEET WITH THIS AND OTHER . Jul 17,  · However, this page is focused on Medicaid eligibility, specifically for Texas residents, aged 65 and over, and specifically for long term care, whether that be at home, in a nursing home, in an adult foster care home, or in assisted living. Most Medicaid plans in the state of Texas are provided by Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).Author: Medicaidplanner.

Your Guide to West Virginia Medicaid. 2 Medicaid is an entitlement program financed by the state and federal governments and administered by the state. The Bureau for Medical Services determine if you meet the income guidelines. Family Size Adults ages 19 to 64 and/or Children age 6 to Adult Medicaid in Texas is a government medical coverage program that pays all or part of the medical bills for eligible people. Medicaid covers low-income individuals and families; however, not all low-income people qualify. Age, disability, family status, income and available resources determine your eligibility.