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Research Connections is supported by grant #90YE from the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation, Administration for Children and Families (OPRE), U.S. Department of . May 01,  · The Adult Involvement Scale (Howes & Stewart, ) was scored during the same minute intervals as the CLASS items. This 7-point scale assesses the level of interaction between the child being observed and the teacher or academiy-malig.info by:

assistance below directives on a scale of teacher verbalizations, the Howes' Adult Involvement Scale (Howes, ) suggests that this decision might be logical. The Howes' Adult Involvement Scale (described more fully below) asserts that when teachers interact with children for. development program area to have a comprehensive scale that could be used by states or local agencies to determine compliance of child development programs with basic minimal requirements that ensure a child is in a safe and healthy environment” (Fiene,

the child (Adult Involvement Scale) (Howes, Phillips, & Whitebook, ; Howes & Stewart, ), the Peer Play Scale (Howes & Matheson, ) teacher engagement of the children, and children’s engagement with academic activities. Teacher engagement of the . Teacher Interaction. Within each s interval the child's proximity to the adult was coded. The child was considered to be in proximity if he or she was within 3 feet of the adult. If the child was in proximity, teacher inter- action was rated on the adult involvement scale (Howes & Stewart, ).Cited by: