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Jul 30,  · Generally, adult Bostons (one year and older) eat two meals per day, while puppies should consume three to four meals. Ingredients Boston Terriers – like all dogs – thrive off a diet rich in protein and healthy fat.5/5(1). The calorific intake requirements for Boston Terriers are the same between males and females (more or less) due to their very similar size. On average an adult pooch should weigh in the region of around 20 pounds, and to healthily maintain this weight they will need to consume around calories per academiy-malig.info: Carlotta Cooper.

What You Should Feed Your Boston Terrier. Dry dog food has less odor and doesn’t attract flies like canned (once it’s opened) tends to. Canned Food Canned food can be a good for underweight dogs, those who have a medical need for the higher water content (for example, kidney disease), or those recovering from an illness. Jul 29,  · Learn about the Boston Terrier’s unique flat facial structure and how to choose Boston Terrier food that can make eating easy and fun for your pup. In addition, explore Boston Terrier adult and puppy foods as well as some great choices for Boston Terriers that need special academiy-malig.info: Shannon Cutts.

Jul 13,  · When switching from a puppy food to the best dog food for Boston Terriers in the adult stage of life, even within the same manufacturer, always mix the two together to prevent tummy troubles. A good guideline is to feed 80% puppy/20% adult for 2 days, then mix to 50%/50% on day 4 and finally % adult food on day academiy-malig.info: Deborah Shores, DVM. Oct 28,  · The Boston Terrier is a small dog that typically stands between 15 and 17 inches tall at maturity and weighs no more than 25 pounds. This little dog has a big personality – it is very friendly and playful, even goofy at academiy-malig.info: Katherine Barrington.